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Hi, my name is Marty Bennett. You’re probably wondering why I am standing here with a sign about AIG putting me in a state of homelessness. My story begins over 7 years ago, when I was involved in four car accidents. All of them in one day. I was a passenger. In hindsight, I should have declined to ride in her car any further than the first accident. However, she was really upset and I wanted to do what I could to comfort her. I tried not to involve doctors for my back and neck pains. I finally had to when I realized that I could no longer row my dingy to my sailboat in Islamorada. My neck and shoulders were extremely painful. I rested on the beach for a few days until I was sure that I was not getting any better. I tried to call the woman responsible for the car accidents in order to get her insurance information. Upon hearing my request, she became very hostile toward me.

I later went to the hospital under the advice of the local Sherriff. After over a month of treatment, I finally found out she was insured by AIG. I was given two PIP numbers from their claims representatives (Personal Injury Protection is required by Florida law). Only one is needed for the hospital to be compensated, the shell game had begun. To my knowledge, not one doctor has been compensated by either PIP policy. My credit was destroyed. I was forced to sell my boat for next to nothing.

Another doctor (in Lake City, Florida) discovered that my shoulders weren’t at fault, but rather it was my neck and he sent me in for an MRI. Come to find out, I had two herniated discs. I finally received surgery to correct the problem, it took two years and I was homeless the entire time. With the exception of my hospital stay, I was forced to live like an animal and eat out dumpsters while bitten by spiders at least 30 times. Between my injuries and homeless situation, I was unable to take a job. I finally found a place to stay in Arizona. I am back here in Florida because my new attorney is finally having my day in court.

Through the course of all this I owe $4,000 for a $1,000 advance on my claim (even loan sharks can’t get away with this). I remain here in Florida until my case is settled. The PIP accounts continue to return their bills to the hospital marked “Return to Sender – Address Unknown”. As a bonus, they send new PIP account numbers and begin the cycle over again. I’ve never stolen a dime from anyone, never did a shady thing to survive. How do these clowns get away with this? Even the United States Government bails these people out. Where does the money go? Definitely not to pay their bills.

In the meantime I continue to fight for my rights in court. I will not file bankruptcy; I will pay my bills eventually. My goal with this website is not just to help myself, I want to help other people in my situation with no interest loans. I also want people to post all of their problems with any insurance companies or predatory lenders. I also will host some people to help others get out of this situation such as great attorneys, companies that work with commercial insurance, marine insurance, home insurance and any other form of insurance out there. If anyone has any suggestions, please post them. If you also have a story you’d like to share, please post it as well!

I will also put Florida insurance laws on this site, as they pertain to Florida and all 50 states eventually. As well, I will add a mechanism to let people share their exprience with insurance companies. MAY GOD BLESS EVERYONE OUT THERE, AND PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. I’m up against a monster and I know it.

I now have a court date set for September 15th of 2014, exactly two weeks short of the 8 year anniversary of my accidents. I VERY MUCH WANT TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Please continue to check on my site as I'll be adding updates regularly.

Please don't think I follow any political party. I hate virtually all politicians; people should run for office as true statesmen and TRULY serve the people. They all should cut their pay to the average American's household income, and stop lining their back pockets at the expense of American taxpayers. If our incomes decrease, their salaries should reflect the change.

I would like to recommend my attorney, Michael Feiler, to anyone who needs legal help in Florida. Here is his company and contact information:

Michael Feiler
305-441-8818 /

Here is an example of what AIG does with our money instead of paying out on valid insurance claims.

Here is a link to the Holdings of American International Group
Holdings of AIG

It is my dream to start a corporation to help people who have been scammed by the insurance industry and other large corporations. I would also like to offer some ideas that would in my opinion help to get this country back on track.

1. When I was in the second grade I learned that "united we stand, divided we fall". The two party system that we have in place divides us.

2. Boycott "too big to fail companies that took bailout money". If they are too big to fail, they are too big to exist.

3. We should cut all foriegn aid and focus on taking care of the people in this country.

4. Tax all imports into the country so that our people can go back to work.

Lets get back to focusing on our constituton. The forefathers of our country were not idiots.


From: Lloyd W. Griffin Jr.
Master Gunnery Sergeant
United States Marine Corps Retired
7235 Brookhaven Road
San Diego, California 92114-7113
Telephone Number:

To: Whom it may Concern
Subject: Martin Bennett
27 August 2012

       This letter is to notify all about Martin Bennett duties while serving in the United States Navy abord the Amphibious Ship "USS OKINAWA LPH3" Home Ported at the United States 32nd Street Naval Base Located San Diego, California. This covers the period 1980 through 1982. I was Martin Bennett's Non Commission Officer in charge of the "K" Division.

30 September 1980, during the evening hours the USS Okinawa was on fire. Martin Bennett's actions during the fighting of the fire was quite heroic. There was a limited amount of fire fighting breathing apparatus aboard and there was no electricity functioning on the ship. The Fire was located below the hanger desks in the Marine Troop berthing compartments. (Note the Marines weren't aboard during this fire). The fire had gotten out of control and the smoke had inundated the air circulation (Ventilation aboard the ship) and breathing and movement aboard the ship was next to impossible. Martin Bennet (against orders) went down below decks numerous time to retrieve shipmates that had been overcome by the fumes and smoke. Martin Bennet was the youngest Sailor in my division but shown enormous courage and poise during this major firefighting incident aboard the USS Okinawa! The Commanding Officer commended Martin Bennet in a Meritorious Mast ceremony.

       Martin Bennet never tried to get out of any the many hard duties the Combat Cargo Division of K Division had. This division was responsible to hook up many tons of USMC explosives that were hooked up by lift hooks on the flight deck by helicopters hovering about 12 to 20 fett overhead. To hook these cargo net hooks to the hooks from the helicopters required nerves of steel. Martin Bennet never tried to avoid these duties but in fact was there willing and ready to take on the hardest duties. He was an affable person to have in the division and was a credit to theShip and the United States Naval Service. I have to select Martin Bennett as on of my most eager and trusted performers. In closing I wish to present Martin Bennet
as a loyal veteran of the United States Navy!


Lloyd Wayne Griffin Jr.

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